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Sharing music, done right.

About tuneefy, the Universe, and Everything

Sharing Music Online.
Made easy

Tuneefy unifies various online music streaming services to provide you with a fast and easy way to search for your favorite tunes and share them around you.

Keep your friends

Tuneefy is genuine altruism; your friends get directly to your music, whatever the platform. No-brainer.
Hell, yeah.

Pertinence is key

Tracks are sorted with sharing in mind. You want to address a wide range of services, so the top tracks are the one present on the most platforms.

There's a widget for that

Drag the button below to your bookmark bar and unleash the power of tuneefy : tuneefy it!

Supported link patterns

Of course you can search for any keywords, but there is more !
Have a look at all the different URLs & links we support !

  • Deezer
    • Song link
    • Artist link
    • Album link
  • Spotify
    • Song link
    • Artist link
    • Album link
  • Last.Fm
    • Song link
    • Artist link
    • Album link
  • Grooveshark
    • Song link
    • Artist link
    • Album link
  • And more ...
    • Soundcloud link
    • HypeMachine link
    • Youtube music link
  • ... and more !
    • All Rdio links
    • Qobuz!/track/5280111
    • Xbox Music

We love Music, too

Everyday, find a new staff pick on the home page, and spread the tune...

Free for you, Music Lovers !

Tuneefy is free and ad-free. We care about music, not advertising or revenue.

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Tuneefy is an open-source project. It is (and always be) free, ad-free, and it does not require any login or any personal information. It just works (most of the time ...).

But tuneefy has a (small) cost nonetheless, that we are happy to pay each month. This is basically the server and a domain name, which amounts to around 6€ per month. While it's not much, it still is something.

If you find the service useful and if you would like to support us, we are happy to welcome your tiny donations to keep the server and the domain going : either or if you want to reach out.
We are also rewriting tuneefy from scratch to make it even more simple, fast and straight-forward, it takes some time, but you can have a look here and join forces if you have some spare time.
Thank you ! 💙

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